Seeing a young person riding a bike and experiencing a level of personal freedom is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford to purchase bikes. In response to this challenge, we established a program where teens can earn one of our bikes by serving their community. Local organizations create the tasks and record the service hours, we provide the bikes, helmets, locks and, a safe riding program. Everybody wins.

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Our programs do not try to re-invent the wheel;

just keep it rolling.

Riding a bike is a fun and effective way to travel around the neighborhood. To ride safely, everyone must wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road. Bike Safety Rodeos give kids the opportunity to practice a series of drills that ensure they know how to be safe when they ride. Rodeos also include free repair services and opportunities for youth to take on leadership roles by working with younger participants.

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Before you ride always remember

ABC Quick Check!

Bike Safety Rodeos

Partnering with existing organizations enable us to establish bike shops that reflect and promote the unique needs of each neighborhood. Shops can become service locations, retail ventures, training centers, and safe zones for kids. They also can provide exceptional volunteer opportunities for adults to mentor and support local teens.

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Bike Repair Workshops

Community Bikes of


The ability to repair and maintain a bike is a skill-set that is both marketable and valuable. Our training workshops can be mastered by anyone who truly wants to learn. Each hands-on session challenges participants while promoting strategic thinking, problem solving, and goal attainment.

Workshop #1: Bike set-up, basic maintenance, and flat tire repair

Workshop #2: Repair and maintain headset, cranks and chain

Workshop #3: Repair and maintain brakes and shifters

We present these workshops to local teens and adult mentors.

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